Building A Heritage Of Character

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo ~ Mondays with Marilyn

Mondays-w-Marilyn-doolittleIt’s always time for a story!

We finished up school for the year, but throughout the summer months I keep a book going that I read each morning to the kids. Right now we’re working on Thirty Seconds over Tokyo, the true story of Ted Lawson, one of the Doolittle Raiders in World War II.

Rick and I have a great time finding GREAT old books to record for as well, so whenever we’re traveling or even doing errands, we have a CD playing.

Boys-of-Liberty-Library-Collection-1Boys of Liberty is our current choice.





Conspiracy Theories ~ What Does The Bible Say?

What-Does-the-Bible-Say-Rick-BoyerPsalm 33:10: The Lord nullifies the counsel of the nations; He frustrates the plans of the peoples.

The world is awash in conspiracy theories. We’ve all heard about the Illuminati and one-world government and the New World Order. Is there any truth to all the talk of conspiracies?

Of course there is. People have been conspiring since the fall of man. There are all kinds of secret societies, government agencies and business networks who have plans for the rest of us. Not in this life will we ever find out about all of them, who’s behind them and what their intentions are.

But that isn’t the point. This verse, sandwiched between passages about the eternal purposes of God, is our reminder that the plans of man will amount to nothing if they conflict with those purposes. Sure, it’s natural to be concerned when we sense that our freedoms are being eroded daily, that powerful interests are planning devious ways to do us harm for whatever selfish goals they may have. But the best-laid plans of the most powerful men will be blown away like dust when God says “enough.”

Stop worrying, pour out your fears to the mighty Creator of the universe. Your enemies are only temporal while He is eternal. You have little control about the direction of the world, but your heavenly Father has total control. The most powerful men in the world are nothing more than puppets on a string to God.

Let’s trust Him to take care of the plotters. Psalm 2 says that He sits in the heavens and laughs at them. Our place is to leave it to Him and concentrate on extending His kingdom in our own lives and around the world.



I Relly Want To Listin To It! – FRIDAY Feedback

Matthew-TylerDear Uncle Rick,
Hi, how are you? I loved having breakfast with you!
Thank you for the bookmarks, the shirts, and the CD’s!
My favorite CD right now is Matthew CD.
Are you going to record Exodus? I relly want to listin to it!
I enjoyed listining to the Layfayette CD! Right now I am listening to the Benjamin Franklin CD.
Looking forward to seeing you agin!


A note from Dad and Mom:
Matthew still talks about meeting Uncle Rick and continues to listen to your CD’s as he falls asleep each night.
The boys are working their way though all the CD’s, enjoying every moment of them!

May God bless your ministry as you bring the living Word into the homes and hearts of so many families.

We for one have been very blessed by you!
Ryan and Katie



Nature Studies – Diligence ~ Preschool Thursdays

Thursdays-Preschool-AntsTeach your little one life lessons from the ant.

One of my sons delighted in crushing up saltine crackers on the front porch and watching as the ants would come in force to carry the crumbs off to their home.

Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.” Proverbs 6:6

What a great opportunity to discuss diligence. God made the ants diligent.

We can learn from them and choose wisely.




High-Priced Shoes ~ It’s Uncle Rick

Wednesday-Its-Unlce-Rick-ShoesWhen Roger Sherman came to the Continental Congress from Connecticut, he did not present a very impressive figure. He had a thick New England accent and often gestured energetically with his hands as he spoke. But it wasn’t long before he earned the respect of his fellow representatives. This was partly because he spoke with wisdom and conviction. It was also because of his breadth of life experience.

That experience continued and during his time in Congress. Before he left this world he had served as a lawyer, a surveyor, a member of the Connecticut legislature, a justice of the peace, a judge of the Court of Common Pleas. He had also been superior court judge, treasurer of Yale College, a member of the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence, and a U. S. Senator.

But it was by his experience in still another profession that he made a deep impression on his colleagues in the fledgling Continental Congress.

During the war, Sherman served on a congressional committee to examine certain expenditures by the army. One of these accounts involved the purchase of shoes. Sherman declared that the army had paid far too much. The price was entirely out of line, he said. Off the top of his head he described the cost of leather and other materials and the amount and value of the time expended in the workmanship. His fellow committee members were taken aback by his minute accounting of the proper price of shoes. That’s when he informed them about his very first profession, the trade he had learned from his father.

He had been a shoemaker.



Hiding the Word in Their Hearts


Hiding the Word in their heartsI will forever be grateful to a Sunday School teacher I had when I was a just a baby Christian, a brand-new mom, and a newcomer to Lynchburg, Virginia. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home. As a matter of fact, I grew up as a Unitarian Read More…