Building A Heritage Of Character

Lies Homeschoolers Believe~Part 2

fishClassics are the standard.
Some classics are good- some are horrible. I grew up as a Unitarian. Many of the classical writers were transcendentalists and it definitely comes through in their writings. I never had my kids read many of the classics. I would go through their literature books and check the stories I didn’t want them to read. I knew in my spirit they were not good for my kids to read. As time went by, I felt more strongly about it, but when I recently read Kevin Swanson’s book Apostate, he articulated for me what I felt so passionately in my spirit and provided additional facts of which I was unaware. When you teach your kids truth, they will more easily discern error. My goal over the years has been to fill my kids minds with truth.
Did you ever wonder who decided that certain books would be know as the “classics”? Did you ever read one of them and wonder if it was something your kids should be reading or that you should be reading? Here are some facts about some of “classic writers”
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Lies Homeschoolers Believe~ Introduction

I started homwhisperingeschooling in 1982. I didn’t know anyone else who’d done it or was doing it. I never dreamed there would ever be anything like a “ homeschooling movement”. My husband and I were following God’s leading for our kids- for our family. I started out my teaching in a pretty traditional style. I taught my kids what I’d been taught in school, following a basic curriculum to the tee. After all, I didn’t want to “ mess them up”. God opened my eyes to thinking out of the box gradually. It’s always a bit scary doing thing differently from what everyone else seems to be doing. In this case, there was no precedence set, no test results from Brian Ray or anything like that. I just had to follow what I strongly felt God was leading me to do for my kids, hoping it was the right thing. We certainly didn’t get encouragement from most other people. I think we were considered pretty weird to a lot of people, a threat to Christian schoolers (although I certainly didn’t and don’t feel that way myself). I wasn’t trying to impose what I was doing on others, just trying to follow God.
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True Love Cupcakes

cupcakeIn this world, the word “love” is twisted and misused. This Valentines Day project helps teach your children what “true love” is. Read More…

Uncle Rick Audio Book Club

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What To Do With Boys~Part 5

BoysI started out my homeschooling adventure with 4 boys before we had any girls. We ended up with 6 boys in all and 8 girls. As each child is different, so it goes with boys. My first born son was very self-motivated, loved to set his own goals and beat them, and devoured books. My second son, however was very different. Read More…

What To Do With Boys~Part 4

baseballLet’s be honest about it: Sports have become a religion in our society. Professional athletes are among the highest paid people in the country. I’m not objecting to their incomes; they are drawing millions of fans to the stadiums and so their commercial value is undeniable. My problem is with the widespread philosophy that propels so many people to spend their money and time watching it all happen. That attaches so much worth to the playing of games. Read More…