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Summer Fun

This is a collection of pictures that capture some of the highlights of summer 2014

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Memorial Day Cookout

To celebrate Memorial Day, we had a cookout with friends and family.

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Birthdays, tea parties, and cowboy hats

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Christmas Day

Christmas Day celebration, and also pictures from the Cousins' production of A Christmas Carol

Home » Boyer Photos » Rick and Marilyn's 40th Anniversary Celebration

Rick and Marilyn's 40th Anniversary Celebration

The party theme was "Museum of 40 Years". "Exhibits" were set up with photos, wedding gifts, and other things from the time Rick and Marilyn were first married to the present.

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Home » Boyer Photos » Independence Day Celebration

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Birthday parties and More!

Pictures of Christa's and Lainey's birthday parties, homemade ice cream, and pets!

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Massachusetts Visit

Rick, Marilyn, Kelley, and Kasey got to take a few days to visit some sights in MA between conferences.

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Adam's and Lauren's birthday parties

Here are some pictures from Adam and Lauren's birthday parties.

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We celebrated a combined birthday for Luke, Melody, and Michael at Matt's new house

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Autumn Geneva

Born Thanksgiving Day, to Rick and Christina, Baby Autumn is here!

Home » Boyer Photos » Christmas at the Boyers' 2012

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Welcome to the Family

Last week Baby Michael was born to our son, Rick and his wife Christina. Michael is their third sweet child. He also has broken the tie of boy/girl grandchildren. We now have 4 girl and 5 boy grandkids- the boys are very happy =) We praise God for this new little life!

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Anne’s Western birthday party

A wonderful time celebrating with the cousins!

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