Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box ~ Mondays with Marilyn


Mondays-w-Marilyn-Outside-the-BoxIf you find something in your curriculum that strikes the interest of one of your kids, expand upon it.

Get a whole biography of some person mentioned in their history book, visit a veteran and learn history from those who lived it.

Cook “Math” one day instead of just doing the problems in a book. Learn the skeletal system by tracing your child and having them glue bones down to their outline, build a volcano in the sandbox with vinegar and baking soda.

Let your child start a business while they are still young to help learn financial skills.

Look for what motivates them and let it become part of your “school”.


That Looks Delicious!!! ~ Tuesday Teaching Tips


Tuesday-Teaching-Tips-recipesLearn to think creatively when deciding how to keep your child’s interest for school.

For instance, consider having your daughter begin her own recipe folder or box for handwriting this year.

Instead of lessons she’ll just throw away after completing, let her compile her favorite recipes to use now and later when she’s a wife and mom.






Follow Their Dreams, Until… ~ Mondays with Marilyn


Mondays-w-Marilyn-(project)When you see an interest crop up in one of your children, find the resources needed for them to pursue it.

Make it a part of their “curriculum” and let them pursue what sparks their interest. Maybe they’ll be immensely interested in something for a while and then lose interest and go on to something else as some of my kids did. That’s okay. Their interests will be broadened that way.

Never feel like you have to stick to the traditional school subjects.

Life is so much more varied than the average school curriculum.