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Hey Little Buddies ~ Cats And Crawfish

Its-Unlce-Rick-CatWhen I was a boy, I loved to visit my grandparents on their farm in the summer. They lived almost three hundred miles from us, so we only got to see Granny and Granddad once a year. Granddad still plowed with a horse. They still had a cistern for water, too. They had no plumbing in the old house.

One of my favorite things about the farm was fishing in the pond. My big brother, Dean and I would walk barefoot down through the pasture with our cane poles over our shoulders and a vegetable can full of worms for a time of fun catching catfish out of the muddy pond water.

One afternoon we came back to the house with a few catfish. We thought about cleaning them and getting them ready to cook right away. Granny would roll them in corn meal and fry them for us to eat. But we thought it would be all right to leave them until morning. We just didn’t feel like going to the trouble to clean them at the moment. Maybe there was something more fun that we wanted to do just then. So we put the fish in a big dishpan full of water from the cistern and left it out in the yard. We’d get back to the job in the morning.

But when morning came our fish were gone! I asked my Dad what had happened to them. He said, “I expect the barn cats got them.” I asked him how they could have gotten our fish out of a pan of water. Cats don’t like water.

Sad said, “They just reach down in there with that big paw and hook ‘em with their claws. Out they come.”

Dean and I lost our fish because we weren’t diligent enough to clean them as soon as we got back to the house.

It reminds me now of Proverbs 12:27—“The lazy don’t roast their prey, but hard workers receive precious riches.”

No, we hadn’t roasted our prey. And we hadn’t received any precious riches. We had been lazy, and only the barn cats were happy about it.

Hey Little Buddies ~ Watch Out For That Tree!!!

Wednesday-Its-Unlce-Rick-BoardHey, little buddies!

When I was a boy of about twelve, I walked down the railroad tracks to see my friend Butch. As I walked along the ties with my dog Spike on a rope, I had no idea that this would be a visit I would remember all my life.

Butch wasn’t even home. I was disappointed, but there was nothing to do but head back to my house. There was a hole in the wire fence beside the tracks and I walked down the pasture lane toward it. It was the easiest way to get back on the tracks. Then Spike got it into his head that he wanted to run. So, down the narrow lane we flew, between two woven wire fences. It felt a little like a racetrack.

I enjoyed running when Spike was pulling me. I was a slow runner and no boy likes that. But with Spike’s help, I was now running faster than ever before. It felt really neat!

But not for long. You see, I had forgotten what the lane was for. It connected two pastures in which Butch’s family kept horses and sheep. I had also forgotten that at times, they wanted the sheep to be able to move from one pasture to the other, but not the horses. When that was the case, they blocked the lane by shoving a big board through both fences. It was at a height that the sheep could go under but not the horses. As it happened, it was exactly the same height as my face.

I was looking down at Spike, yelling at him to run faster. So I didn’t see the board coming. When I hit it, it seemed that my head stopped but my feet kept going. Next thing I knew, I was lying stunned in the dirt and Spike was licking me in the face with his big sloppy tongue.

The moral of this story doesn’t take a lot of explaining, but it is a helpful life lesson: look where you’re going.



Feedback Friday!

Feedback Friday“The Learning Parent and Character Concepts carry some of my favorite character training and history resources.  My 8 year old son LOVES Uncle Rick.  He has spent the past year listening to hundreds! – yes, hundreds of hours of Uncle Rick reading biographies and stories from the Revolutionary War time period.  My husband and I are amazed at his depth of knowledge from this period in history, primarily due to listening to Uncle Rick.  I appreciate how Uncle Rick will stop the story to point out Godly character traits or explain the definition of difficult vocabulary. 

Crossroads of Character and Character Trails have both been staples with my little ones.  We’ve recently been reading through Character Trails at lunch and my children beg me to keep reading. Many profitable discussions on godly character have stemmed from reading these books. 

Thank you Rick and Marilyn for helping us share the gospel with and teach our children righteousness!”  ~ Megan


I discovered Character Concepts via a Google search and then had others recommend them.  We purchased Character Trails as a way to weave character training into our daily lives.  And, it’s crazy how God is taking 12 colorful flashcards, simple yet meaty definitions to character traits and Bible verses and providing discipline and structure to our home. 

The curriculum is an outline and God is filling in the rest as we seek to become more like Him! ~ Gina


As a child, I remember my parents reading me the Christmas story from a special book every year!

While this Christmas book simply quoted the Scripture, there was just something extra special about my mom pulling out that book and reading it to us. I had been looking for a book like that for years so I could carry on that tradition with my family. However, I’ve turned up empty-handed until I ran across “Uncle Rick’s Holiday Book“! ~ Amy



Yes, They’re All Ours – Friday Feedback

Friday-Feedback-YTAO“This book, Yes, They’re All Ours , changed the way I live my life.”
-Mike from Ohio

“I have thoroughly enjoyed “Yes, They’re All Ours”. It was like sitting on the front porch listening to a hilarious, godly man sharing nuggets of wisdom, humor, real life, and family lore. I wish we lived next door!”
-Lynn Lewis, mother of 4 VA

Click Here to learn more

This is the story of the Boyer family: what life is like in a family of fourteen and why they have chosen to live this way. Written with warmth and humor, Yes, They`re All Ours contains the special feature “Family Snapshots,” pages of humorous family anecdotes interspersed between the chapters.

Chapter titles include:

  • “Why So Many?”
  • How Can You Afford It?”
  • How We Got to Be Us”
  • Getting It All Done”
  • And You Home School, Too?”
  • On Having It All Together”
  • “Savor the Season”
  • Doesn`t Everybody Have Twelve Children?”

 Read What Others Said About This Book!
“I just finished reading Yes, They’re all Ours, so I feel like I know you, at least a little bit! I’m pleased to find another long time homeschooling family who is encouraging others in this direction!” ~ David

“I laughed and chuckled while I read, but was also incredibly blessed. I received confirmation, fuller conviction, and many new ideas.”

Yes, They’re All Ours—what a wonderfully inspiring book!” – a dad from Minnesota

“Thank you for the wonderful insights in Yes, They’re All Ours. We read it with much enthusiasm and learned so much. We hope that you keep writing.” – parents from New York

“I enjoyed Yes, They’re All Ours. I could not put it down!” – a mom from New York

“The Lord worked through your book, Yes, They’re All Ours to help us decide to live our lives only for Him. Rick, you have a gift to reach men on these issues and give them the courage to live Biblically.” – a mom from Colorado

“I just finished reading Yes, They’re All Ours. Thank you for writing it. It has made a difference in our lives!” – a mom from Missouri

“A friend recently loaned me Rick’s book, Yes, They’re All Ours, which I laughed and cried my way through in just a few days. Your book was such an encouragement.” – a mom from Australia









Kasey is a cheerful, happy girl who brightens up every day with her sunshine spirit. She is a patriot at heart and has been ever since she was 2 yr old. Kasey loves to read about people in history who sacrificed for our freedoms and did daring things to accomplish it. She listens to stories of Petticoat Warriors in the American Revolution and insists she would have been right there with them. Every night before bed Kasey prays that God will use her life to have a part in seeing our country return to its godly roots. One of her favorite songs has the words “let my life make a difference” in it and that is her passion. She loves playing with her cousins and dressing them up in costumes, which she has quite a supply of. Through the years, she has chosen costumes as her Bible memorization rewards.

Being the youngest, she always used to say she wanted a baby brother, so now she is delighted to have 6 cousins to be “big sister” to. She loves to find fun things to help entertain them when they come over to our house.
  • Favorite Pastimes: Dress up in costumes of famous people, playing with the kittens, writing stories ,making houses out of wood, playing in forts in the woods
  • Interests: Horse back riding, history,drawing
  • Favorite Subject in School: History
  • Least Favorite Subject: Math
  • Favorite Food: Shrimp or pizza
  • Favorite Person in History and why: Ronald Reagan – He led our country in a good way
  • Something you want to do someday: Be a mother, raise monkeys or dogs to train for disabled people
  • Favorite family memory: Being at the beach with Auntie Sue and my cousin , also last Thanksgiving when our relatives visited


Meet Kelley! She is our “next-to-youngest” and she just turned 12 – I can’t believe it!
“Kell”, as we usually call her, is very compassionate. She always sticks up for the underdog and helpless creatures of all sorts. She reaches out to unsaved neighbors and finds ways to share the gospel with them. She visits a widowed neighbor and walks her dog for her, spends time talking to her, and gives her grandchild things to help her learn about Jesus.
Kell is a great helper around the home. When she decides to tackle a task, she gets it done right. She is learning to help pack orders for the Learning Parent, and she is enjoys that. She is good at planning things and she gives a lot of attention to detail. Kelley is also great with her younger cousins. They love her attention and she has become a great helper with them. On Saturdays, or any other chance she gets, you can usually find Kelley at the farm riding horses. She loves the outdoors and she especially loves animals. We asked Kelley some questions, here are her answers:

  • Favorite Pastimes: Riding horses, playing the piano, swimming, making jewelry with beads, babysitting
  • Interests: writing poetry and stories, reading, bike riding, beach combing (You can read Kelley’s newest poem in this blog- titled “WAR”- a tribute to soldiers)
  • Favorite Subject in School: Vocabulary/spelling; poetry
  • Least Favorite Subject: Math
  • Favorite Food: Barbequed Beed
  • Favorite Person in History and why: Florence Nightingale – She is so interesting in how she never gave up in wanting to be a nure and help others.
  • Something you want to do someday: Be really good at the piano; also very interested in nursing
  • Favorite family memory: Every Christmas day