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Teaching Preschoolers With Older Kids ~ Preschool Thursday with Marilyn Boyer

Reading to the kidsWhen teaching preschoolers with older kids, I spent 10 minutes with my preschoolers while the older kids were picking up clutter and getting ready to begin school.

Halfway through the morning, the older kids had snack time and again I would spend 10 minutes with my preschoolers. When the morning was over, the older kids would assemble sandwiches for lunch and I again spent 10 minutes with my preschoolers.

Knowing they would have these 3 times during the morning of my undivided attention, made it easier for them to do other activities while I spent time teaching the older ones school.

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Helping Your Children Hide God’s Word In Their Hearts~Part 3

Reading the BibleCreate projects to help your kids apply what they’re learning. Instead of just teaching them information, walk them through life situations and show them how to put into practice what they are learning. Here a few suggestions of things we did with our kids that really worked. Read More…

Helping Your Children Hide God’s Word In Their Hearts~Part 2


Help Your Kids Learn The WordHere is another practical way to help teach God’s word to your children:

3. CD’s – This is something we just kind of stumbled upon, but one of the MOST EFFECTIVE ways of teaching kids not only to memorize, but how to meditate as well. When our oldest were very small, Rick worked during the day and was gone till almost bedtime for the kids. Read More…

History Is So Boring…NOT ~ Feedback Friday

Profiles of ValorMarilyn Boyer and Grace Tumas have written another excellent book.  Profiles of Valor include many little-known, true accounts of bravery and loyalty in the fight for independence which are inspiring and invoke a new understanding and appreciation for the sacrifices that were made in the founding of our nation.  Each of these stories are connected to a Scriptural character quality that we should be working on in our own lives. 

The fact that Scriptural principles were the foundation in the forming of our nation is often forgotten in the culture in which we live.  We need to be reminded of this and pass this important concept to our children. This book is a way of accomplishing that. 

I can highly recommend this book.  It is well written, interesting and brings history to life in each chapter.

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Oh Your Mark, Get Set… Preschool Thursdays with Marilyn Boyer

Thursdays-Preschool-activity-boxThis is the time of year I always prepared for my preschoolers “school” time.

I would cut shapes out of construction paper and fill a container for the little ones to “glue” down onto construction paper using glue sticks. I would also gather objects for the kids to trace.

I bought special markers and notebooks, construction paper and supplies, puzzles, flannel graphs, Do-a-Dots, etc.

These items went into a box or special place in the closet and used ONLY during “school time” each day.

I would change their activities often, before they tired of playing with them so the next time we got it out, they had the anticipation of more fun.

We have a large list of suggestions for School time Activities for Preschoolers on our website.

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Helping Your Children Learn God’s Word

Bible Verse BoardOkay, now we know why- so HOW do we do it?

1. First of all, let your child’s need areas direct your teaching.

If you see a need/struggle in your child (and you’ll see plenty)-have them learn verses that deal with that need. We have a handout called Identifying and Dealing with Offenses, which lists 32 negative types of behavior and   the corresponding positive behavior. Our job is to direct our kids to learn to make wise decisions by showing them the consequences from Scripture by cultivating the wrong attitudes in our lives as opposed to the blessings God bestows when we make wise choices. Read More…