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End of Summer Preparations

School suppliesThis is the time of year we gear up to start school.
One of my preparations is to stock up on notebooks, construction paper, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, etc this time of year. It’s usually never cheaper than it is now. I just found spiral notebooks for $.17 each at Walmart. When my kids were little, they absolutely loved to see me come home with bags full of school supplies! Watch the sales for the next couple weeks and you can get all your supplies for next to nothing. Read More…

When is Your Quiet Time with the Lord?

BibleI used to think I HAD to spend time with the Lord first thing in the morning. “Give God the best of your time.” I lived under a guilt trip for a long time until I realized,
“Hey, morning is NOT my best time.” As a mom and especially as a mom of young babies and toddlers for so many years, morning was up to nurse, change diapers, get little ones up and dressed, in time to start school. I’d been up during the night to feed infants, so morning was NEVER my best time. My best time changed through the years according to Rick’s schedule, the ages of the kids, etc, but I came to realize I need to find what works BEST for ME. When is my best time to concentrate on God and His Word? God knows our heart and the hour isn’t the what counts to him- it’s your heart. So find what time works best with least distractions and make it your time with God- for now!



 It’s Okay if You Don’t Finish it All

School BooksAs the end of the school year approaches, I just wanted to encourage you that it’s okay if you don’t finish it all! It’s easy to stress about too much book left at the end of the year, especially when the weather is too pretty not to be outside. (We did school on the deck for the most of the month of April)! Keep in mind that most curriculums review at the beginning of the year what they covered at the end of the previous year. A tip I’ve found helpful is to cut down on the amount of practice you give the child to do each day. I often skip around during the last month of the school year and check which exercises I want to assign to the student. That way, they are learning all the concepts, but not spending a whole page in practice. In doing so, I’ve often found it tends to make more sense to some kids when they move more quickly and see how all the pieces fit together. Additionally, they are much more motivated to concentrate when the end is in view. Having the end in sight, some of my kids would even forge ahead and do extra pages just to finish up earlier. Read More…

Lies Homeschoolers Believe~Part 3

Sports balls           “I need to involve my child in many activities and give them multiple             opportunities to build a well rounded child.”                           

 Instead you need to BE HOME to effectively home educate. There are so many good activities to choose from that we are in danger of finding ourselves running to and fro constantly. Read More…

Lies Homeschoolers Believe~Part 2

fishClassics are the standard.
Some classics are good- some are horrible. I grew up as a Unitarian. Many of the classical writers were transcendentalists and it definitely comes through in their writings. I never had my kids read many of the classics. I would go through their literature books and check the stories I didn’t want them to read. I knew in my spirit they were not good for my kids to read. As time went by, I felt more strongly about it, but when I recently read Kevin Swanson’s book Apostate, he articulated for me what I felt so passionately in my spirit and provided additional facts of which I was unaware. When you teach your kids truth, they will more easily discern error. My goal over the years has been to fill my kids minds with truth.
Did you ever wonder who decided that certain books would be know as the “classics”? Did you ever read one of them and wonder if it was something your kids should be reading or that you should be reading? Here are some facts about some of “classic writers”
Read More…

What To Do With Boys~Part 5

BoysI started out my homeschooling adventure with 4 boys before we had any girls. We ended up with 6 boys in all and 8 girls. As each child is different, so it goes with boys. My first born son was very self-motivated, loved to set his own goals and beat them, and devoured books. My second son, however was very different. Read More…