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What About Socialization?~Part 5

Visit the elderly# 5 Socialize With Some Old Folks

One of the several types of people the Bible tells us to honor is the aged. Leviticus 19:32 says, “Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the LORD.”
In the same verse, we’re admonished to fear God and to honor old men. Now there’s an idea that doesn’t get a lot of press these days. All our advertising, all our values it seems, reflect the desirability of looking, acting and thinking young. We’re so afraid of the idea of growing old that some of us have forgotten the necessity of growing up. Read More…

What About Socialization?~Part 4

Kids plaingSocial Learning Begins at Home

One of the social maladies that is killing our culture is age segregation. School and related activities—deemed so necessary for a “well-rounded education”—separate kids by age, effectively separating them not only from their parents but their siblings too, for the bulk of their waking hours. Then the church, with its age-graded classes and activities adds to the isolation. We don’t really go to church together any more. That old institution called family time has just about withered into oblivion in America.
Read More…

What About Socialization?~Part 2

Boys#2- The Key to Relationships
Do you want your kids to successfully relate to others? Do you want them to have lots of friends, and worthy friends at that? It’s not rocket science. The key is teaching them to be servants.
The average kid builds his social circle based on selfish values. Who I enjoy being with. Who is popular, so I can be popular too. Who has a cool car or a backyard pool. Whose parents are the most lenient—I can have fun at his house.
Show—don’t just tell—your children how to make the right kind of friends by serving others. Take them to visit elderly people or someone who is sick. Help them to write letters to those who are lonely or recently bereaved. Encourage them to befriend someone who doesn’t have a lot of friends, rather than the popular kids.
The best friends are those who will stick with you when you need them. The best way to make such friends is to be there when they need you. Teach your children.

When is Your Quiet Time with the Lord?

BibleI used to think I HAD to spend time with the Lord first thing in the morning. “Give God the best of your time.” I lived under a guilt trip for a long time until I realized,
“Hey, morning is NOT my best time.” As a mom and especially as a mom of young babies and toddlers for so many years, morning was up to nurse, change diapers, get little ones up and dressed, in time to start school. I’d been up during the night to feed infants, so morning was NEVER my best time. My best time changed through the years according to Rick’s schedule, the ages of the kids, etc, but I came to realize I need to find what works BEST for ME. When is my best time to concentrate on God and His Word? God knows our heart and the hour isn’t the what counts to him- it’s your heart. So find what time works best with least distractions and make it your time with God- for now!



What To Do With Boys~Part 5

BoysI started out my homeschooling adventure with 4 boys before we had any girls. We ended up with 6 boys in all and 8 girls. As each child is different, so it goes with boys. My first born son was very self-motivated, loved to set his own goals and beat them, and devoured books. My second son, however was very different. Read More…

What To Do With Boys~Part 4

baseballLet’s be honest about it: Sports have become a religion in our society. Professional athletes are among the highest paid people in the country. I’m not objecting to their incomes; they are drawing millions of fans to the stadiums and so their commercial value is undeniable. My problem is with the widespread philosophy that propels so many people to spend their money and time watching it all happen. That attaches so much worth to the playing of games. Read More…