Make A Resurrection Garden


Resurrection GardenA dear friend of mine shared this with me. She plants a resurrection garden each year as a visual reminder that:

“Living, He loved me/Dying, He saved me/Buried, He carried my sins far away/Rising, He justified freely forever/One day He’s coming, O glorious day!”

What a great tradition! She uses wheat grass which grows quickly. The “tomb” is a clay flower pot turned on it’s side. Plant your wheat grass in mounded up dirt or potting soil. Spread rocks around the entrance to the”tomb”. Use a large rock for the stone that was rolled away on Resurrection Day. Place three crosses made from sticks at the back of the display.
I want to do this and use it as the centerpiece for the Easter season.
Thanks for sharing, Debbie!


Nature Studies – Diligence ~ Preschool Thursdays


Thursdays-Preschool-AntsTeach your little one life lessons from the ant.

One of my sons delighted in crushing up saltine crackers on the front porch and watching as the ants would come in force to carry the crumbs off to their home.

Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.” Proverbs 6:6

What a great opportunity to discuss diligence. God made the ants diligent.

We can learn from them and choose wisely.





Dig, Dig, Dig It’s What We Like To Do! ~ Preschool Thursdays


Thursdays-Preschool-gardenPreschoolers LOVE to have their own little flower bed or even pot of flowers to put on the deck or porch.

It’s a fun trip to the store to pick our petunias or impatiens, home to plant, and then the daily watering is a fantastic way to teach responsibility. It provides a real visual when they forget to be responsible and the flower begins to wilt.

But, conversely, when it does well, what a joy for  your little one to share and show to Daddy and others when they come to visit.

I taught them how to deadhead the flowers too by picking off the dead blooms. It brings new life to the little plant.

So many life lessons can be learned by a little flower!