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A fun, and tasty tradition you will find in the Boyer house at Christmas time is DONUTS!

For years, now, Rick will make these yummy treats some of the evenings during the season. They are very simple to make, and it’s a great recipe to allow the kids to work alongside you.

When they are done- turn down the lights, gather around the tree, and enjoy it’s glow while you eat donuts!


We buy canned biscuits (like buttermilk or home-style) and cut a hole out of the center of each one, using a biscuit cutter. (kids can help cutting the holes out)

  • Melt shortening in a deep pan on stove until it is hot.
  • Drop donuts and “holes” into hot grease.
  • Cook over medium heat.
  • When bottom side is brown, flip it over with the handle of a wooden spoon so other side can fry.(it will not take them long to cook)
  •  When the donut has cooked, dip in granulated sugar with cinnamon or confectioners sugar. (the kids can also help with this step)
Eat and enjoy!

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