Training The Family Work Force




Folding LaundryTrain your kids in organization because, as you know, you can’t do it all. Don’t feel guilty about training your kids to do jobs around the house—they need the responsibility, and work is good for them—you’re training them to be responsible adults.

We have a daily and weekly schedule, so the kids get up in the morning knowing what they need to do. Each morning’s chore is probably different, but they know what is expected each day and each week. A schedule builds security in kids.

When we start out I train the kids to do their chores, working with them to show them how to do each job. I rotate the chores once every year, during the summer, so that everyone learns to become competent in all the chores. I have the summer to train them, which makes the school year flow much more smoothly. Train them to do each job thoroughly, making your instructions clear and easy to follow. Sometimes after they are thoroughly trained, do it with them just because it’s fun to be together!


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