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We equip and encourage parents to embrace a Scriptural pattern of home education where family life is the environment for childhood learning and discipleship. A godly character is the highest priority; academics and practical life skills are taught to grow children into useful Christian citizens. Home education is as basic as the parent-child relationship; ministering to the heart is more important than training the mind. We assist homeschoolers in raising up future generations of wise, servant-hearted children with a compelling vision for spiritual revival.

Rick and Marilyn Boyer are true pioneers of the home education movement. They began teaching the eldest of their fourteen children at home in 1980 and are still actively home schooling their three youngest children today.

Rick and Marilyn have authored several books on home schooling and Christian parenthood and have spoken at conferences all across America and in several foreign countries. Their books have been translated into a number of foreign languages and have circulated around the world. Their ministry, The Learning Parent, encourages parents through the resources they publish, their speaking ministry, this Web site, a monthly newsletter, and their articles, which have been published in several leading home schooling magazines.

Marilyn is always appreciated for her keen and warmhearted insights into parenting while Rick, with his humorous, folksy style has been called “the Will Rogers of the home schooling movement.”

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  1. Hi Marilyn!
    A number of years ago I was greatly encouraged by your seminar and your books. I asked you about translating them into Russian. I have mostly translated two of the books but my growing family prevented me from finishing them. I have more free time now and can complete and polish my translations. Wanted to ask your permission and ask if there are any conditions.
    God bless!
    Oksana Germakovski

  2. Dear Rick and Marilyn,

    Although we have “met” at the HEAV conventions, my name will not be familiar to you. My family and I lived in Richmond, VA (Chesterfield Co. to be exact) where we enjoyed the heyday of homeschooling. My youngest graduated in 2012. I became a single mom in 2009, and, as an empty nester, decided to move to the Lynchburg area to position myself between my three children. They now live in Norfolk, Lynchburg, and eastern TN.

    From your talks at conventions, I had the impression that you lived in an isolated, remote area. Now that I live in Altavista, I have a very different perspective! I currently teach at Faith Christian Academy (Hurt) and am working on my advanced degree so I can (hopefully) teach at the college level. My experience as a homeschooling mom gives me a bigger worldview than even organized Christian schools can offer, so I hope to be able to share that with others.

    But I am not writing to tell you about my career plans. I am writing because I am looking at buying a double wide on Bennington Manor Drive, just off Sunnymeade. Since you are long-time Rustburgians, if I may, I had a few questions for you about the area. (Please excuse my presumption that you have the time to answer my questions, but there aren’t many folks that I know in this area that can help me.)

    The house will need some work (new flooring, new roof, landscaping, possible plumbing). Do you have a handyman or two that you could recommend for that kind of work? I am willing to do some painting and cleaning myself, of course, but I do not have the skill set to do the heavy work. My son in Lynchburg can help, but he is a police officer and works LONG hours. I would consider hiring a fulltime yard-guy if the price is right. My job does not permit me a great deal of free time and I do not want to spend all of it in the yard.

    I’ve lived in VA long enough to know that ice happens in the winter. I am interested in installing a whole-house generator for the inevitable powerless days. So, I will be looking for a reliable electrician as well.

    Also, what is the internet like in that area? As a teacher, I need reliable internet at home. I do not HAVE to have a television, but it helps keep my in touch with “reality” since I am surrounded by teenagers during the day and alone at night.

    Thank you for your help. If I do decide to move to the area, I would love to pop in for a visit and reminisce about the “good old days” and solve all the world’s problems.

    Lord Bless,

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